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BRM Laser Gun

Experience the power of advanced laser technology with our BRM laser gun. Specifically designed for laser tag games, this cutting-edge weapon offers precision and accuracy on the combat laser tag battlefield. Equip yourself with this state-of-the-art firearm to dominate the warzone outdoor arena and achieve victory in intense combat scenarios.

Combat laser tag game Toronto - Equipments


Elevate your combat laser tag experience with our explosive grenades. These tactical devices bring an element of surprise to your laser gameplay, allowing you to strategically eliminate opponents and change the course of battle. With realistic effects and simulation, our grenades offer an immersive laser tag game like no other.

Combat Laser Tag Game Toronto- Equipments

Laser Combat Headbands

The headbands are equipped with sensor units, each comprising multiple wide-angle IR receivers capable of detecting even weak infrared signals emitted by other players’ laser tag guns. Simultaneously, each hit sensor unit is equipped with its own vibration motor, which activates only when that particular unit detects a hit.

As a result, players can determine the direction of the hit through the vibration feedback, enabling them to seek cover, move out of the line of fire, or retaliate. This system encourages the shooting player to be more cautious and refrain from revealing their position, adding an element of strategy and stealth to the laser tag gameplay.

Laser Combat Toronto - Headbanda